Why spend money on parking lot striping?

Your parking lot is often the first impression your business makes. Our services will make your parking lot safer and more functional, while enhancing the appearance of your business and property.  

Why should we restripe our lot every year?

Your parking lot takes a beating. Gasoline, oil, salt, water, and weather all take a toll on your lot. Preserving your investment can minimize the impact of these elements while maintaining safety and appearance. 

What makes Evergreen Striping unique?

Our owner is involved with every project, ensuring all standards are met and exceeded. At Evergreen Striping, we pride ourselves on being fast and flexible to ensure minimum downtime for our customers.

What kind of paint do you use?

We use a water-borne latex paint that is specifically manufactured to be durable, bright and DOT (Department of Transportation) approved.

How long will my lot be inaccessible?

Our paint dries within 30 minutes. Our owners and crews are trained to minimize impact to your business. 

When will you stripe my lot?

Evergreen Striping will work with you to determine a schedule that minimizes impact to your business and customers.