At Evergreen Striping, we use DOT-approved paint and offer our expert attention to detail with the following services:

Striping of new lots:

Evergreen Striping can stripe your new lot to specification, and apply any requested stencils. This will allow you to maximize parking, control traffic flow, and protect your investment. 

Annual restriping services are also available to ensure your lot maintains a fresh appearance.

Restriping of Existing Lots:

At Evergreen Striping, we are able to restripe existing lots to match a previous layout, or alter parking and traffic flow. We can customize a maintenance schedule to keep your lot looking new.


Parking signage is required in nearly every lot. ADA compliance requires signage, and a proper ratio of handicapped parking spaces and access. Evergreen Striping understands these regulations, and can ensure your business meets all standards.

Evergreen Striping can also provide and install additional signage, such as STOP, Do Not Enter, No Parking, and Fire Lane.


We believe a well cared for lot implies that the business takes pride in providing an attractive,safe place for people to park.

A freshly striped and marked parking lot is more appealing to visitors and can carry over into how people perceive the overall quality of the brand, goods, or services offered by the business.